Ts and Is

Well, everything’s in motion now! “T”s crossed and “I”s dotted. Had a quick chat with the people involved and it sounds like I should keep the project under wraps for now, so apologies, but there’ll be no breakdowns on the stuff I’ve got my hands in juuuust yet. Maybe I can release em after the fact, so I still plan to track and take notes! I’ve managed to get running with a notebook again which has been more than useful. Even if it’s half consumed by doodles. Hey, whatever it takes to focus, right? Meanwhile, both the courier implant and eyeset authentication projects aren’t under anything like that, so any downtime (hah!) I can scrape together for these will be documented and hopefully posted. Things aren’t going silent just yet 🙂

One thing I’m pretty sure I CAN talk about is the moving situation. Part of me assumes I’ll never be able to avoid disclosing where I’m going, but part of me is tempted to maybe try this time? See what it’s like to fall off the map for a bit; let some mystery and intrigue build. It’s hard not to ramble on about the details though, when everything stable in your life is suddenly uprooted and in a month or so you might live /very/ abroad for the first time in Ever. It’s exciting!

I feel like I picked a pretty good time to start My Hero Academia. Kid with confidence issues has the opportunity to learn from those he looks up to the most, and train amongst some of the most talented people in the field he’s striving for. It’s also nice to have some positive but intense melodrama to distract me from the intensity and melodrama in my OWN life right now, if I’m being entirely honest.


Sorry for another life update and nothing technical for a while. Promise that’ll be changing soon. Need to re-configure the lab again for constant daily use, so that’ll probably help both keep it clean and keep it in use. Got an incoming shipment of Kratom (capsules this time because I am SO done with toss & wash. Even if I’ve discovered that throat-numbing spray numbs the tastebuds as well) and other such supportive materials to help me power through this, as I have a feeling even whatever’s keeping me up past 2am these days still won’t be enough.


It’s finally sinking in though. I’ll keep my head down, focus on what’s at hand, keep the mystery and intrigue high, and perhaps rock the whole damn world? We’ll see.


Till Later and With Love


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