Things being done

So Grindfest wasn’t all Explosions and fire and Electric Knife Fighting and gazing up into the most void and star filled sky I’ve seen in my life. Implants got installed, too! (Pics under the cut, including some stitches and a bit of scalpel work)


There’s some heavy bruising, but having a body that produces blood can and will do that.
What’s going on in there, you ask? Three Magnet Coating tests, thanks to Augmentation Limitless 😀 From top to bottom we’ve got FDA-2T, FDA16, and a UV cure resin that should be exceptionally fun to work with should this heal up nicely. Bio-safe implant coating that’s affordable to acquire and easy to set with a cheap UV lamp? Hell. Yes. I’m hopeful for the others, too. Coatings have been a bit of a problem in the scene lately, and if we can finally solve this problem we can finally move on to more fun stuff!

Higher up on my arm I also got a V1 Firefly! The inflammation from the install is still fading, and it’s going to be impossible to see until that’s done, but I’m doing my best to be patient 🙂 Still hoping to get the v2 once it’s available, but this little one will still be a lot of fun meanwhile.


Nothing else went in or out of my meat sack, but there was still more done to it! The original plan was to have the Aqua Regia, King’s Water, symbol scared onto a few of our bodies. A symbol born from citizen scientists actively learning and reshaping the world around them through experimentation, representing a newly discovered chemical mixture that melts the gold and platinum riches of Kings. My friend wanted to get the symbol juuuust right, understandably. He’s working on his technique before we go further with it, but meanwhile didn’t leave us empty fleshed 🙂

It’s a simple, small dot. A starting point. Because all great things begin at some point in both space and time. That wasn’t the reasoning behind it but that’s how I’ve come to feel about it. Helps that it’s also substantially easier than an alchemical symbol, and we can continue expanding on it as the years pass. Sometime in the future I would still love to have the Aqua Regia symbol placed, if not through scarification work than at least through some ink. it’s a charming concept.

I took a LOT of pictures. A lot. The raws have been posted on the relevant thread on the forums but if you’re curious, here’s the pretty ones on Flickr. I really wanted to share some of the bloodier pieces on other sites, but outside of mastodon they don’t actually have a reasonable way to Apply Content Warnings to your own posts. Blood and scalpels don’t squick me out, but I understand and respect folks who can’t really manage that. I was super happy with how a lot of the images came out… especially this one 😀 I don’t do too many soft texture photos, so it’s nice to change things up now and then. It’d be nice to do something with all of these pictures someday. Flickr now does photo books, so maybe I’ll have one made as a memento or something.


Anyways, I’m not back in the swing of things yet as far as the day job goes, and I should probably do something about that instead of workshopping this new post.


With Love


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