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Sunday Post-day becomes Monday shit-I-forgot day becomes Tuesday may-as-well-just-get-around-to-it. But hey, I’m here¬†ūüĎ欆Not that I have much of an update lined up, to be entirely honest.¬†

The lab’s seen some changes in the last week or so. As much as I liked having my curio collection in there, a lot was going to waste. They occupied some shelves in a remote corner that I never really spend time viewing, and collected more dust than awe that way. What good is collecting all these beautiful baubles and bits if they’ll just be stashed and forgotten? Meanwhile, I picked up another display style bookcase thing that I could use to make tiny individual displays, in a location that actually gets some traffic! One of the whole reasons I wanted out of the 5+ roomate situation was so I could spread my decor and sense of unsettling but hopefully charming flavor¬†out beyond a private small room. It’s about time I started that. Make something that’s not exclusively walled off from communal spaces still reflect a little bit of me. Girlfriend recently told me she appreciates my commitment to the Mad Scientist aesthetic. Hoping she doesn’t change her mind when the jars of preserved organic specimens come in.


Meanwhile, the shelf things were resting on before is PERFECT for my next gardening attempts. The shelves are a bit long and narrow, but I feel like I’ve seen 29gal tanks that are almost perfectly shaped for the space! Worst case I’ll settle for a 10gal and then other non-hydro pots in the space around. Another option is to take a tupperware style storage bin and just use that. Less root-viewing fun but it’ll be cheaper, lighter, and probably easier for me to acquire. Still undecided on my planned plants, though. I can probably grab a lettuce head to re-grow from the store, which would make a good base staple. Not sure what other edible stuff would¬†be great for a hydro system, though. Ideally I’d like to include¬†mini potatoes, cucumbers, maybe zucchini or a squash, parsnips, and strawberries (Also Mushrooms, though those will be in their own grow bin with a lot less light). Spinach might be a really good addition, too ūüôā If egg-laying wasn’t so taxing and egg-binding such a concern for cockatiels, I could almost maintain a full mini-farm! Well, if that AND the concept of eating cockatiel eggs didn’t weird me out so much. I eat eggs and chicken, and they even enjoy tasting the ‘forbidden meats’ from time to time, but I just can’t bring myself to see Singring’s eggs as a food source. I think we’re all ok with this.


Magnet batch has been healing well! Here’s the first day sans steri strips (~day 3), and here’s today! No ongoing irritation, even when I lean my forearms against half the world like I usually do. I’m mostly just happy to see the bruising is down as much as I could have hoped ūüôā Haven’t felt any EM feedback yet, but I honestly don’t know if I ever will in this area. At least to a degree that would provide significant feedback. Whole reason we like installing them in fingertips is for that sweet, sweet nerve density. As you go down the arm that density diminishes. Good thing feedback’s not my goal! I’ll definitely keep an eye on it on the Green Line and stuff, though. Who knows, maybe my assumptions have all been wrong and I’m about to be surprised by nature! Bamboozled again! ¬†This is fine, though. So far the healing phase seems to be smooth sailing, and honestly I couldn’t have hoped for better! The particularly risky part is now behind me, and from here on out it’s wait n watch. Keeping my eyes out for any signs of fouling, for starters. These coatings haven’t really been put through this kind of test on this kind of DIY level before, so we don’t actually know for sure how well any of these will hold up in an actually (mostly) functioning human body in a relatively standard (aka uncontrolled) environment. Rejection is the other thing I gotta watch for, but it should be obvious if that begins to happen. Very. Obvious. Nightmares I’ve had of small magnets boring their way out from within my flesh like some bad Alien OC fanfic aside. No Fouling and No rejection makes these promising! I’ll eventually need to extract them for further examination, but I think I can handle that.¬†I hope I can, by now.


Next con on the docket this year is Defcon, and boy howdy that’s coming up fast o.o I’ll know for sure if I can make it happen once pay day hits.¬†I feel like I could go round trip between Boston and Vegas for maybe a shy few dollars over $100 like, four or five years ago. These days? Even on discount airline it’s looking much, much higher. If I can make the flight happen I’ll be ok, though. Tickets are like 300 bucks this year, but maybe I can split¬†with someone and we can alternate when we’re on the floor?¬†Could also look at less wholesome methods of fund and badge acquisition. We’ll see what positions I’m put in when I land. On a much less expensive front, it looks like I’ll be¬†tinkering with a good friend for Boston’s Stupid Hackathon! Keeping our project plan under wraps for now, but I am *VERY* excited for how fantastically fun and useless this is gonna be :3 This is actually going to be my first official hackathon, too! (Not counting the Gamjam between friends where I tried to make a twine dating-game where you¬†play a raptor at summer camp and you gotta hide your raptorness to eat more people. Never published that… hm…) Seems like a low-risk, low barrier-of-entry place for me to start. Gets another project on my plate that’s not for the dollar or the cause, and I get to work with rad people actually close to me instead of continents away!


Hopefully more on the way, but I guess that wraps up the Lab & Project progress over the past week. Girlfriend figured out an awesome House name for us: The Explodatorium. If it doesn’t stick to the House, I might need to adopt it for The Lab (and FINALLY give¬†Shovel Knight + Plague of Shadows a run through. Been great to watch, but I wanna play through a bit of it myself before I adopt the name of such a rad lair, yo).

With Love


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