System Failure

It was only a matter of time till I missed a week, but time itself carries on so I suppose I can, too 🙂 Life’s full of surprises, hiccups, random encounters, and plot twists. Frustrating beyond belief when they make you drop literally everything, though.

I could go on about the diet changes I’ve been forced to make now that my available finances have been ground into dust, but how I got here doesn’t really matter right now. Not nearly as much as the goddamn agonizing pain this little fucker called a ‘gallstone’ has put me through. It’s stuck in my bile ducts, and any time my body needs more bile than my already tired liver can handle at once, well, I’m fucked. Allegedly, fat free high carb food shouldn’t be trigger an attack while I wait for surgery, but it’s been completely randomized hit or miss. And let me tell you, if you’re not sure the oil-free butter-free spice-free nothing-but-the-plain brussel sprouts in your hand are going to leave you doubled over on the verge of tears for the next three hours of your day, you’re probably just gonna skip. Turns out it’s also really hard to stay on top of things when you’re spending your entire time conscious either crying in bed, begging to make the pain of this death-by-ramen pass by any means necessary, or in a hangry brain-fuzz, craving satiation but fearing the horrific sensation it’ll bring.

Earliest consultation is the 30th. Surgery will be 1-2 weeks after. So, let the Month Of Suffering begin I suppose.

SO yeah, that’s why I’ve got nothing really to update on. The garden continues to grow, though it seems somewhat droopy this morning. The soil’s still moist from watering last night so it’s not a lack of water. Maybe too much, and I need some drainage. Who knows. Keeping an eye on it, but I don’t have much in me left to handle pretty much anything for a while :/

Here’s hoping this storm passes quickly.

With Love


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