Well, my original plan to force myself to write SOMETHING every Sunday is already falling through, even before the first post XD

No new changes in the lab over the last week; it’s still an overflowing mess that needs more time and energy than I have available to manage, but I’ll get there. Sacrificing the closet I was going to turn into a grow room to the gods of executive dysfunction, and storing all the crap I just can’t handle dealing with just yet. Turns out the space has also been IDEAL for the classic floor-laundry-pile-of-depression. I really gotta get back to limiting that to just the one sad overflowing chair instead. After 27 (almost 28, eek!) years I’ve accepted that it’s not gonna go away, so maybe I can just figure out how to manage it instead 🙂


Not all hope is lost on the garden front, however! My kitchen window is an inch too short (or rather, my torso’s an inch too tall) to be suitable for a pleasant sit-and-enjoy-the-weather space, but with some wood and maybe laundry lines I could hang a bunch of veggies and vines and spices! ALso an option: lots of bird houses and bird feeders! Though, only once I have a plan to manage the inevitable influx of bird waste >.< Meanwhile, I found a really neat Raspberry Pi Vivarium tutorial I would love to install on a shelf in the lab! First goal will be getting a maintained, running vivarium and figuring out the upkeep. If THAT all goes well, I might then be able to look into breathing a bit more life into it with some snail or even frog friendos. Perhaps a diminutive reptile, if the temperature and humidity systems are reliable and maintenance starts simple enough.

We still need a couch, but I’m still ridiculously broke and likely unable to acquire one for a while. So it looks like I’ll be learning how this DIY-Furniture-Via_pallets will work! I mean, it should be simple enough. A basic raised shape with a backboard, stitch up some fabric around a foam sheet and lay it on top, bam! It won’t be the most vogue arrangement, but it just needs to be comfortable and not disgusting and I’ll be ok.


Might see if I can pick up some small WordPress freelance gigs on the side. Not enough to warrant like a legitimate extra income, but enough to maybe cover some food and components for projects. Whip up a basic page for like some local band or something. I got my first painting commission too! I even managed to rest out redbubble’s printing services to see if I could sell some prints of my other paintings. The quality and size were both nice, but the return is pretty minimal, so it’s tempting to self print and sell through Etsy instead.


There’s been a lot of talk across the wires as of late regarding transhumanism again, specifically how it manifests given the current state of the society surrounding it. It’s paraded around like the new age mid life crisis solution, except it’s all about getting a new shiny body for the middle aged, financially secure white man who lacks vision or ambition for anything more post-human than perhaps a super-human paycheck and a book deal to seal his gaping sense of purpose in life. The Xenofeminist Manifesto [Caution: title has flashy text, might be a risk for photosensitive users] keeps coming back to mind as a particularly interesting examination of what moving to a post-natural-human could be like, or rather should look like in my opinion. My original sSunday goal was to write about the intersection of these two ideals, but it looks like that’s I have to let those thoughts stew a little longer. That’s ok. I’m not going anywhere fast.

Except for the end of April. End of April = GRINDFEST TIME! I doubt I could kick off my late 20s any better 🙂

With love


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