Slip Sliding Away

I really should make “Now Updates on the 8th Day of the Week” the new brand ‘motto’ here. Post Date keeps sliding. BUT! Not actually stopping. This might actually be the first thing I’ve kept an actually decent upkeep of for a while, now that I think about it.


To be fair, I was originally going to post on Tuesday. But all I really had for an update was that shit’s growin in the garden, and also I gotta wait for payday so I can order some parts before diving into more hardware-focused tasks at the night gig.

Then wednesday came, and wednesday’s update was going to be shit’s growin in the garden, and also I gotta wait for shipping for some parts before diving into more hardware-focused tasks at the night gig.

So, hello Thursday. Let’s see what I’ve got for you…

Surprise! Shit’s growin! Pictures are from Tuesday and it’s amazing to see how much more has sprouted even just between then and now. I was a little worried after a few days passed and only the sunflowers poked through. Looks like everyone else was still coming along, just at a more relaxed pace 🙂 I also finally picked up a lettuce head I can shove into the hydro bucket. Once I eat the lettuicey parts of course.

Still need to wait on orders, both for hardware work and for my magnet extraction. Tried out some lido patches I had stockpiled, but it turns out expiring two years ago made a huge difference! I cut off a sliver and wrapped up a fingertip for three hours to test, and yet my sensation wasn’t even slightly hampered 🙁 A Shame, but they were free so it’s not a total loss. Now I know I can scrap em without losing out, too. Meanwhile, I found a 4% cream over amazon, as well as some disinfectant wipes. Still can’t autoclave the scalpel handles, but I can throw some chemicals at em. The blades are still packaged, so I’m not too worried. Folks have done more brutal with less care and come out fine. Speaking of brutal, a recent post has me a little concerned over what I’ll find. Well, maybe concerned isn’t the right word. Clearly my body bubbled up the mess if the thing did start to disintegrate like that. Similar symptoms, but for the last year or so. Either it’s fine and tissue-bubbled, or slag and tissue-bubbled. Either way, it hasn’t killed me yet so that has to count for something. Yeah?

Not much else to update on. The test array is still healing well. I mean, I haven;t seen much of a change over the past week, so at this point it’s just the skin figuring itself back out. Kinda like myself. Payday means having money to book for defcon, but everything is so expensive I just don’t know if I can make it happen this year. I’m lucky enough to bring home a decent income, but 3/4th of it goes just into rent and student loans. Certainly can’t catch up on prior debts like I planned to, and budgeting has become quite a deal harder. Working out the loans, but examining the rent as well. And examining what I actually want. Currently 2/3 big biohack events happen on the west coast, aka the actual opposite side of the continent. Sure, moving to western MA would be cheaper, but living closer to the action could be both cheaper AND reduce event costs. Then there’s also PA of course, where I can be closer to the actual Night Gig crew and therefore be more involved. I’m realizing I have options, and going for em might not be an insurmountable task. Plus, saying no to Chasing my Dreams seems off-brand.

As a friend of mine has taken to saying lately, Let’s be Legends, yo.


With Love

Bird ~<3

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  1. Just letting you know that I read here too. I found your site a while back when clicking on a comment from a Drugs & Wires comic post not long ago.

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