Simple Updates

Got my Northstar upgraded to the v1r2 unit, as well! And on tape this time 😉 Not nearly as bloody as last time thanks to an awesome tourniquet technique using a blood pressure arm cuff. Still involves digging into my hand though, so cw on blood, flesh, and sharp things!

The bottlenose is so close to shipping. Found my way around kicad to make some final adjustments to the board, and I just got my shipment for 3 test units a few days ago. Unfortunately when you like in the city for cheep, you tend to get harassed by slumlords that’ll go out of their way to try and ruin your life when you refuse to euthanize your iguana for them as tribute. Oz has found refuge thankfully in a nearby rescue, and my birdsons are on a summer holiday with family until we land wherever we end up. Combined with my downstairs neighbor assaulting us and still screaming about how badly she’d love to punch our collective faces in, this nigh-crippling sense of stagnation and failure, and the longing to be working in person with so many great people again, I’ll need to admit it’s been a rough few months. Especially project wise. I’ve got a lot of lost time to make up for.

Lots of other stuff on the horizon. More grinding community efforts have been proposed, including finally updating the dang forum software! Been poking at that and getting some test beds spun up. Need to figure out how to get a local group in gear if there are even any grinders and wannabe cyborgs around Boston. There has to be. I’m a neighborhood away from MIT! Flyers maybe? I’ll figure it out…

Defcon in 3 months. Moving in 2 or 3. New apartment WAS lined up, but said slumlords cancelled my lease once I defied them. The market still looks good though! And I’ll be able to either set up a small lab in whatever living room I’ll have next, or we’ll settle for a studio and I’ll use the rent saved to get a space at the nearby hackerspace instead. Either way, we’re gonna make this damn thing work.

Months long emotional slumps will /kill/ productivity, so I’ve got a lot of time to make up for. A good chunk of my rocket fuel this time is convincing myself I haven’t mentally withered away to a point where I’m just uselessly flailing instead of being good enough to do this stuff. But beggars can’t be choosers; I’ll take all the motivation I can get.

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