Existential Whiplash

I Never fail to forget how hard these are to write. After two back to back conferences and all the lengthy travel there and back again, I should be brimming with words and thoughts and all kinds of declarations of dreams. And I very well am, mind you. The one-two punch of BDYHAX followed up by Loopconf has left quite a heaping sum of thought on my mind. It’s the post mortem processing that’s taking a pinch longer than anticipated. Should I write up about each separately? The adventure as a whole? Technical breakdowns? Play by play? Barely lucid but colorful prose on the underlying existential crisis all throughout? Nothing? Anything?

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Bring it on, 2017!

Starting the year off right by haphazardly hurling myself at a multiple cons, two of which within the same month! I seem to do my best when winging it through partially-assed ‘plans’ that are usually the result of compulsive go-getting more than careful planning. Think it’ll be a good step in getting back into my best headspace again 🙂 SO, first on the list is Arisia, Boston’s own Sci-fi Fantasy con. Volunteered to help out some friends with their plans, so hard commitments should keep me to something of a general plan with plenty of off time to roam and party. First attempt at pre-planning a cosplay, too! Got almost everything I need for Alphys, and I might try winging my femme Cecil Baldwin again. Or Rick Sanches, and get an extra day out of my lab coat (plus, a handy flask excuse)!

End of the month is BodyHackingCon, thanks to volunteer opportunities getting me through the door. There’s a number of really exciting sounding panels lined up, and a whole host of awesome people making their way there for the weekend. Procedures for Implantable Tech is a particularly interesting one, and is very much related to my interests. Same with Designing Implantable Tech for Everyone, and actually almost every single thing on this list. It was incredibly hard to pick volunteer shifts that would still let me see all I wanted to see. Still excited for the work though (and not only because it’s covering my ticket). It’ll be neat to have a way to contribute to this exciting thing 🙂 plus, it should hold me over until Grindfest this April.


Very little else update wise. Got my first hydroponics system due in two days, along with some fertilizers and such. Now that I’m down to just one box left to unpack in the lab, I can start setting up at least some of the plant related mischief I’ve got in mind.


Feeling good. Feeling ready. Feeling primed. Hecked up the whole appointment thing but starting to feel like I might not need it anymore. The thickest mud’s got the best nutrients for the strongest sprouts. Sounds like the kind of thing some self-assured smart asshole probably said once, so I’ll roll with it. FB memories reminded me lately of an old album that used to really fuel my fires, so it’s been good to blast at my face all over again. Cheers for being easily influenced by my own background soundtrack.




Compiling Slower than Frozen Molasses

That’s really the beat way to describe the last few months, and why it’s been taking so damn long to just get off my feet. There’s a lot on the human side of my plate right now. Going from having 5 roommates to living with one other person has its benefits, but there’s a tangible sense of loneliness I’m still trying to hard to work through. Continue reading “Compiling Slower than Frozen Molasses”

1 and 1 and 5 and Q And…

Asking 1&1 support if the clear midday sky appears to be blue:

If I’m in a desert, they will tell me that I should walk down to the river (That doesn’t exist) and pick up the Jackalope or Wolpertinger (also not real things, and not related to where I’m sent) and bring them on down to the SpecificallyNamed market (Thats actually off in Cincinnati) if I decide I want the letter Q (when it’s a yes or no question). If I would rather #, I need to just do nothing for a week.

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