Moon’s out, Boons out

Still not entirely sure how I feel about the bonus insomnia…. I will say, it’s fantastic to have my nights again! More time to work on projects, and more time to decompress with a little Starbound or DF 🙂 I’ll have a lot more project-time soon, however. If this all is actually happening. To be honest, it feels like it’s not.

I cannot go into detail just yet for a multitude of reasons, but the previously stable tectonic life plates I’ve grown comfortable on have started to rumble and shift. Big changes are coming, and if I wanted to win the year’s greatest understatement award I’d simply submit that I’m vaguely terrified of it all. Terrified but at the same time… thrilled? My dreams are about to unfold at my feet and this longing for adventure and purpose is on the brink of slaking, but it still feels like some sort of cruel joke. Or misunderstanding. Or misstep. Like I’m going to wake up and find I’ve left the most comfortable, stable, enjoyable position in my career to go hop on a landmine of bad ideas and ruin. That I’ve left the most wonderful people in my life to go hurl myself into some void of no return. That I’m burning down everything around me in some desperate attempt to convince myself I’m some kind of revivable phoenix as I continue to incinerate myself and everyone I love. I used to think the hardest part of achieving these newfound dreams would be the hard work and dedication to craft. Turns out it’s minimizing the damage I’ll leave in my wake.


Sorry I need to be so vague still. I promise once things begin to process and I get a green light, I’ll have a LOT more to say in far more passionate and terrified detail. There’s other work going on I’m still able to update on, at least! I’ve started building a BoM for the courier implant I’ve been speculating on. I’m hoping to figure out the best way to make an implanted f-ram storage chip communicate based on implanted NFC tags. The idea is for the sender to upload their data to the implant, select what streaming mode they’ll allow (Bluetooth or something more secure), then send the implanted courier off to deliver the payload. Receiver authenticates with their NFC chip either through a key written on the chip data or via the chip ID itself, and is then free to extract the data. Data is then destroyed, the implant cleared, courier paid, and payload delivered. It’s not the most practical thing sure… but I have no intent of making it any kind of commercially viable product. It’s more of a grind to prove potential utility of NFC (for a potential talk) and also to prove to myself a little bit that I’m capable of doing this sort of stuff.


Adafruit has a neat f-ram breakout I can start tinkering with, and the AS3955 looks like it should be a lot of fun to work with. Self powered by the RF field will keep power sipping low, and the lowest I can go on that the better. The nrf52832 Looks like it might be the perfect chip to drive it all (once maybe I move off of arduino)! I just need to figure out how to make all these parts work together. Aiming to have a breadboarded Proof of Concept at least for BDYHAX this upcoming February so I can solicit a little bit of feedback. Ideally I’d like to then have a unit coated and installed a few months later at Grindfest, but that might be a little ambitious. May as well aim for it though so I have some kind of timeline to guide me. Worst case, I’ll just delay a few months till Defcon rolls around again.

Haven’t broken apart the glasses yet to build out the chip-authentication system

for it, but it should be the easier of the two projects so I’m not terribly concerned. Maybe I’ll give it a swing this weekend?

Updates will probably continue to be sporadic till the new plans finally get in motion. Till then, Well, I’m just gonna keep finding my boons and benefits where I can and making the best of this weird, surreal and unstable moment in my spacetime. Till it’s time for me to swing the bat <3


With love,


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