Landing Gears

Another fun, exciting Defcon has come and gone. Settling back into daily life is never easy, but I’ll have some time between now and the next Con on my list to maybe get a fair amount of work done. Six months, to be specific. And I’ve got a lot I want to make headway on 🙂

The Biohack Village was awesome, and I’m glad I got the opportunity to volunteer for it!

The talks were even better than last year’s, and holy cow was there an incredibly strong interest from the rest of the con, too. Lines ended up so long that we had to flush the room after each talk just so everyone could get a chance to sit in. NFC chips sold out before Friday even ended, and it was a struggle to keep people from lining up to get one after the fact. The badges were awesome, and I think one of the few if not only technically ‘living’ badges handed out at Defcon. Well, it wasn’t living when we handed them out, but they contained instructions on how to bring the brewer’s yeast to life. Fun Fact #1: You can substitute the water for the agar base mix with blood. Fun Fact #2: You can convince me to do almost anything if it sounds rad enough.

It was a productive Defcon, too. Got to show off where we stand with the northstarV2, and I had help going through my first magnet extraction, on myself no less! It made me start to doubt my ambitions for learning how to do all that fleshbending, though. Do I have the stomach for it? Can I build the stomach for it? Either way the m31 on my left ring finger has been expelled, and for the best, too. Glad my body bubbled it up in tissue to protect the rest of me! I was expecting it to be a mess, but this was a surprise!

I was originally planning on testing the coating integrity with a chemical solution…I no longer think that will be necessary.

A bit sad I didn’t have much of a chance to participate in the rest of the con, and there are a ton of faces I missed this year. I’ve got plans for next year though, and they involve much more time tearing through the main floors. I’d love to do a more thorough recap of the talks I did manage to catch this time around, though. Once the videos are up on youtube, I should be able to make that happen.


As usual, I’ve landed back home overflowing with ideas and inspiration! A little more direction this time, too. Long story short, I need to come up with some practical applications of implants over the next year. I already have two projects in mind that I’m hopefully going to be able to start pursuing! One’s dependant on an implanted flex chip, the other’s a new implant that piggybacks off of the slew of NFC tags people have installed. The former will revive my old head-mounted pi attempts, and add a fun twist based on tag authentications. Not sure how easy it’ll be to acquire an nfc reader that’s both small and strong enough to read through skin for the later. Looks like I have some fun experimenting ahead of me, though! I also need to get the Projects and Procedures system for going. Once that’s up, I’ll be uploading a bunch of information there as the projects move along. Here as well, don’t worry 🙂


Lab’s still in a rough state, but I’m re-inspired to try again. Going to try moving all of my storage needs out of there because that always seems to be where the overflow begins. If I try and keep it Projects-Only, maybe it can stay Projects Only. Having a set, defined place for PCB work and Dev work is sorely needed. I’ll be expanding my opportunities as well… hopefully. There was a lot of interesting talk this year on genetic sequencing, and The Odin has a CRISPR kit that’s actually affordable for me. I think I want to start poking my nose around some more of the Bio-centric stuff in between grinding. Got just over a year left at my current place, though. Part of me almost wants to just wait it out, but a year does feel longer than it sounds! Plus, there’s the potential that it might not even be the full year. Within 45 days I’ll be finding out if a *really* exciting opportunity (I can’t disclose quite yet) will blossom. Not letting my hopes get too high (and I’m focusing on the stress involved to keep said hopes restrained), but…. I guess I’ll just need to see.


Expect posts to pick up again now that I’ve got a bit more of a charge and some fresh goals. Some will actually even focus on a project. For once. Like I’ve been hoping to do since I started. Finally.


With love and anticipation,


2 thoughts on “Landing Gears

  1. Ooh, biostuff is pretty great but getting equipment and reagents not in a kit can be kind of a hassle. That said, it’s totally worth getting in to, there’s so much cool stuff out there! If you want some ideas, the iGEM wiki has every contestant’s projects up and publicly viewable.

    1. Oooooohhhh, I’ll need to pick through this wiki for a while once supplies come in (or maybe before… and I’ll have a better idea for what I’ll ACTUALLY need) 😀 thanks!

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