It’s Only the Start

Settling in to the new home and so far, it’s been both delightful and strange. The realization of just how far away from home I’ve gone and how far I’ve taken my life is dawning on me a little more each day. I’ve upgraded from living out of bags, finally! Now I’ve got my bag stuff stacked away in this thin little bookcase, and I’ve got an air mattress and a couch to claim as my own. Still Roomless, but the livingroom’s been delightful nevertheless! And the fauna… oh my goodness the fauna. I knew I missed having a porch but I didn’t realize just how much. It honestly feels like paradise, even though it’s a touch more cozy than I’d prefer.

Now that I’ve landed, I finally have a new lab in my life! 😀 it’s a shared space, shared with both the rest of my crew and rest of the other companies that have access to it. So far it’s only been us and one or two other groups though, so we’ve been able to claim our permanent space for Our Things. Pictures will be here eventually, I promise! It looks like I’ll have access to plenty of helpful tools and machinery to maybe eek out a little work on a side-project or two, perhaps. Having access to it all for the Day Job is already incredibly exciting, and I’m looking forward to taking these things for a spin.

It’s been weird to realize that there’s nothing back home I need to worry about now. I still check in with and chat with friends, but I’m free of virtually every obligation I held back there. No more overpriced Rat City studio taking half my paycheck, No More daily struggle to keep my head and heart in my work, No More anguishing over deciding between Safe Work vs Keeping my Head above water, No More putting up with interpersonal frustration and suffering just to Make Things Work, No More dragging myself through the filthy kitchen and filthy bathroom and filthy bedroom, No more hanging under the constant lingering fear of maintenance inspections or bird-related noise complaints or losing what little grip I had left in that City. No More.

I could get used to this.

With Love


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