That’s probably the best word to describe where things have been as of late. Intermission. I’ve been trying to post, but things have been unstable on my end. For once I can finally relish in how good it feels to say it’s been a good sort of unstable, this time 🙂 Currently writing this from my favorite bit of space on the western coast of North America: The site for Grindfest. Why am I here half a year before the festivities begin? Well, I wasn’t aiming here. I was actually one leg in on my flight path to my new home in Sydney Australia when I was stopped at the terminal and told I couldn’t board. Passport was invalid… lost or stolen some time ago. Which I certainly do not remember submitting but I digress. Thankfully I’ve got friends both a short ride away in Utah and a short trip up to Tehachapi (Plus, Vegas has some seriously comfy couches I could catnap on while planning this all). Truth be told while I’m still sad over having to be delayed, it’s only for the damper it’s been putting on my productivity. I can’t think of a better place to get stranded.

Turns out I needed a few days to catch my breath, and this little break has been perfect. ‘Fraid I don’t have any pictures of the lab to share, since it’s now defunct and such. My life’s pretty much condensed now into two suitcases and a backpack (+ my disassembled bass in a sack). Interim lab has been a delight, but man, am I looking forward to having a space of my own again someday. Till then, enjoying everything about my circumstance and drinking in the sights.

With Love


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