Tupperware it is! Picked up gardening supplies when I was visiting the parents this past weekend. Got a decent bin, with plenty of depth to get at least a few small veggies and leafy greens. Using the Hydro parts for an auto-watering soil garden only just makes it self-watering… so keeping them separated seemed like a much more enjoyable approach. They Hydro’s just got Tomato plants in it (though a few sunflower seeds fell in, whoops). The bin meanwhile has:

  • Tomatoes
  • Lettuce
  • Carrots
  • Nasturtium
  • Onions
  • Chive
  • Sunflowers

Not a bad start. No power combos, But I genuinely don’t think Beans/Corn/Squash would work in the limited space I’ve got. Space that I’ve managed to underestimate. The super-deep windowsill in the kitchen isn’t as fun to dangle out of as I’d hoped, as my torso’s just an inch or so too tall to make it comfortable. More Plants it is! (and We have a patch of green next to the sidewalk I suppose I could throw a lawn chair onto when I wanna be outside. In a town called Rat City, I’m sure that’ll be fine.)


Got my shipment of Specimens in from Augmentation Limitless, and I can’t be happier 😀 Named the Squid Marie (after Calie and Marie from Splatoon 2. Marie DID lose the splatfest, after all…) and all it needs is a little cute label and it’ll be right at home in Curioland. Same with my new starfish friend, too! Meanwhile, I’ve got a Sheep’s Split Brain, heart, and eyes with the rest of the more biological-related supplies, which are too perfect beneath the Sketch of Lin from Drugs and Wires. It kinda feels a little silly to have so much cool stuff stacked up and around but never actually put to use. If all goes well that’ll change, soon. Finally dug up the Pain Management kit I’ve been needing to do my first finger implant extraction. Was really hoping for a guided walk-through before going solo but, guess that bandage’s gotta get ripped off eventually. Over the past month or so I’ve gotten much better at /not/ burning out my skull the minute I get home from work (if not getting a head start at work), which means I’ve been a little more capable with my evenings. Gotta admit, I dig this change of pace. Just need to pick a day now where the girlfriend’ll be home in case I utterly fuck up something fierce and need to hail a cab to St E’s. Soon, I guess, is the next word as far as the next flesh related project progress goes.


It’s not all a waiting game now though! Well, not entirely at least. It’s been surprisingly enjoyable building the testing scripts for a webserver built to manage implant data and process various data-points through the server’s Neural Network. As much as I admit it feels groady to write something with the full knowledge it’s going to fail before I’m allowed to make it, you know, not fail. I understand the benefits though. For starters, it makes our API almost entirely self documenting. Which is rad because my memory’s utter crap and I doubt my ability to detail API requirements and specifications on the fly. Regardless of how many hours spent building and robustifying it. It also forces me to step back and consider all potential use case failures, which is handy because those blinders get more intense the longer you spend in the weeds weeding. The server’s not going to be of much use till the end of the project, but that doesn’t mean I gotta stop! With a Dev Kit and Prototype Northstar board coming my way, I can *finally* get to contribute to the actual device code base. This bit’s gotten pretty gross from me chomping at it, but once June rolls around I….. I’m not actually sure how the ‘Chomping at the Bit’ metaphor resolves positively but that.


That seems to wrap up the weekly lab report! I kinda like doing these. Even if nobody’s reading and it’s just me gently whispering into the void while I caress it’s cold, glistening face. Maybe in a while I’ll find it useful to look back at where I’ve been. I certainly know it;s been helping me make plans happen going forward. Which is probably the best change of pace I’ve had in a long while 🙂

With Love


4 thoughts on “Growing

  1. I’ve actually been reading since the site changed from default to the blog, sorry for not commenting!

    Will you be posting source/updates for the implant server? It sounds awesome, and I’d love to be able to watch it’s progress.

    (Sorry if I double commented, last one seemed to fail)

    1. AHH! No worries, They showed up in the queue… I keep forgetting I even have the default comment queue thing set up XD Oh gosh though, thanks! And yes, the source will be available eventually 🙂 It’s actually for a project that might get some funding so I can’t really share where it stands just yet…. but I’ve made my desire to open source it very clear and I’ve got the greenlight to go for it once we get somewhere 😀 Updates however will definitely be coming, though I might be doing more hardware and android code for a bit. It’s nice to change up now and then, keeps the work at my hands fresh 🙂

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