Being overloaded and under-sparked is getting old, but I guess that’s the territory I’m in now. New places all around me, but a lot of the bugs still carried over. Let’s see, what to update on…

A lab:
I have one now. Well, almost. Since September I moved out of the communal living situation and now it’s just my partner and I sharing a studio in rat city (a nickname I use with adoration). The main room has this charming little half-room I was able to claim for my own messes and misadventures!
Still a long way to go before I can do much more than clear off a small space for my laptop, but progress is progress and I’ve been able to make a little of it. One of the next steps (after the ongoing, general post-moving-day clearout) is setting up a good soldering fume management situation. Birds have extraordinarily sensitive lungs and fumes are a significantly higher hazard with my two parrotkids so close to the lab. Turns out The overlap between parrot parents and solderers is slim, since research isn;t helping much. But I’ll get there. Already started a small component library. And by library I mean a bunch of unorganized unlabeled trinket drawers. Organization will come with time. Hopefully. Beyond that, well I’ll be storing rigs for repair under the table so all I’ll need is some clear space if I wanna work on those. Got a pegboard for tools started, so I can keep those all handy there. I’ll need a better way to manage my implantation tools and supplies collection, which should be as simple as just a nicely organized box (even though having the supplies out adds a nice little bit of ambiance). Monitor can be wall mounted once I get my next check, and I’m angling for one with an arm that’s got full axis control. Lasty, a section for other kinds of crafting fun would be nice. My painting and jewelry making stuff deserves a good home, too!

Bottlenose work has moved back to the on-location grindhouse crew. Trying to get through the next tasks up here as just a dev (while going through one incredible *hell* of an emotional hurricane during this past summer) wasn;t going as well as hoped, and there were a number of design pivots that had to happen pretty quickly. It’s for the best. Having time to recover from the summer’s events is good. Meanwhile I’ve moved on to some dev work for the gesture system for the Northstar V2, which is much easier to take on as a remote dev vs direct board prototyping & programming. Hoping to be doing more of that on my own time, anyway.

My dayjob means I have access to university classes for nearly $0, so I finally started taking advantage of that too! We have an awesome Masters program for Electrical Engineering, and a special program just for students with degrees in other fields to transition over! This does mean I have to finally take on the beast that is the GRE though. With the words “Art” on my only other two degrees…. this is intimidating. But I like math now. Heck of a lot more than I did when I left highschool with a Voc degree in illustration. So I started the best place I could, taking calculus for STEM majors. And I’m… getting by. THings have only just begun, though! All I need is a passing grade and enough new knowledge to score well enough on the GRE to qualify for the Master’s program I have my hopes set so highly on. I /could/ take the classes piecemeal, which was my original plan. But that requires a lot of hoop jumping and string pulling and this university of mine is far, far from small. May as well subscribe to the predetrmined progress path and get a handy (and valuable!) piece of paper at the end 🙂

Re-organizing my digital life in general lately, including BBJ. Expect a lot of shuffles and adjustments (and hopefully, for once, posts!) over the next few weeks and such.


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