I WAS IN A FAMOUS TEEEVEEEESHOOOOOW. Sorry. The Bojack end theme jammed itself into my skull like the KoolAid man on a bender, and I figured I shouldn’t have to deal with it alone. That and I was at a loss of a title for this week. So, sorry and/or you’re welcome.
Anyway, the lab continues to live. Mostly. I’ve been noticing a pattern where it falls into disrepair / storage mode every so often. Turns out Working all day and Cleaning the house all night just to keep the shared space maintained is exhausting, and I tend to let my personal space crumble in exchange to maintaining shared zones. I should probably fix this. Soon.

Body’s been fighting me less and less (thanks in part to a dash of tramadol and modern medicine), and I’ve been managing to at least leave the house every now and then. This last weekend I even managed to pull through an entire Hackathon, including the part where I’m social and meet people! The hackathon was specifically the Boston Stupid Shit No One Needs & Terrible Ideas Hackathon and my project was somehow a thrilling success. I’ll be putting the files up on neocities soon, but till then, feel free to check out the messy github repo, and/or the video presentation in which I almost make a fool of myself before a panel of rad nerds. The gameboy is actually really interesting platform to work on, and the fact that it was so very specialized to game content really shows through. It wasn’t much, but it DID involve learning an entirely new environment on the fly, and flexing some development muscles that have been atrophying over the past month or so.

Right. The past month or so. Keep telling myself I’ll be fine if I make it through June, but it looks like those goalposts are shifting ever so slightly into July. Namely, for both my neuropsyc results AND my gallbladder surgery. The two season finales to these two concurrently running shows called Problems with Existing Like This. But then thanks to some terrible financial decisions it looks like i can wrap July up with a MUCH needed journey to Defcon after all 😀 I probably shouldn’t be opening another credit card….. but this one I’ll be able to set up autopay and destroy/hide until next year. It’ll be fine. No, this is not a sneak peak at a new season of Yet More Problems With Existing Like the Kind of Person I Am.

Defcon’s full steam ahead, and once the BHV‘s schedule is posted, I’ll be able to figure out when and where I’ll be volunteering. Hope to see a lot of familiar faces there, and maybe some new ones, too 🙂 Meanwhile, the BDYHAX call for papers just went live! If all goes according to plan I’ll be able to volunteer there as well. One of these day’s I’ll be competent enough in something to be worth doing a lightning talk. Maybe bdyhx’19? I’ll keep it in mind as a goal, perhaps. Meanwhile, it’s time to see who I can encourage and inspire to submit something interesting and cool! If you dig this kinda stuff and have some perspective on grinding and DIY augmenting specifically, I highly encourage you to submit something. The high level shiny tech stuff is always wonderful, don’t get me wrong. But there’s a romance to the DIY level stuff I’m not expecting to get over any time soon 🙂

The hackathon proved to be well worth my time, not only for the cool project but also for some new connections. It turns out there’s more grinders in the area than I knew about… and so far they’ve at least expressed interest if I get some kind of meetup going. So, it looks like nows as good a time as ever to maybe start making headway on starting some kind of local community thing. Leadership’s far from my realm of skill, but if I get the scaffolding in, someone more capable could always pick up and run with it. Hitting the ground again with Grindhouse stuff too, as well as some other community projects I’ve been following. Got a very busy rest of summer ahead of me, and it’s really the *worst* possible time for me to be this sick.
But I’ll pull through, well rested and ready to hit the ground running 🙂


2 thoughts on “BACK IN THE 90S

  1. Excuse my n00bness, but what’s grinding (other than the AWESOME college dance style)?

    geocities ftw!

    1. Don’t worry about it 😀 so the term originally came from the Doktor Sleepless series, and refers to folks who make & implant DIY augments, like the coated magnets, RFID chips, encapsulated circuits, and more! Grinding, then, is the action of doing all this fun stuff. There’s push to adopt a new term that’s a little more respectable-sounding (and maybe not as close to Grindr), but terms like Augmenter still feel weird rolling off the tongue.

      Oh the fond memories I have of geocities 🙂 Makes me really happy to see neocities living and seemingly doing very well!

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