Moon’s out, Boons out

Still not entirely sure how I feel about the bonus insomnia…. I will say, it’s fantastic to have my nights again! More time to work on projects, and more time to decompress with a little Starbound or DF 🙂 I’ll have a lot more project-time soon, however. If this all is actually happening. To be honest, it feels like it’s not.

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I WAS IN A FAMOUS TEEEVEEEESHOOOOOW. Sorry. The Bojack end theme jammed itself into my skull like the KoolAid man on a bender, and I figured I shouldn’t have to deal with it alone. That and I was at a loss of a title for this week. So, sorry and/or you’re welcome.
Anyway, the lab continues to live. Mostly. I’ve been noticing a pattern where it falls into disrepair / storage mode every so often. Turns out Working all day and Cleaning the house all night just to keep the shared space maintained is exhausting, and I tend to let my personal space crumble in exchange to maintaining shared zones. I should probably fix this. Soon. Continue reading “BACK IN THE 90S”

Slip Sliding Away

I really should make “Now Updates on the 8th Day of the Week” the new brand ‘motto’ here. Post Date keeps sliding. BUT! Not actually stopping. This might actually be the first thing I’ve kept an actually decent upkeep of for a while, now that I think about it.


To be fair, I was originally going to post on Tuesday. But all I really had for an update was that shit’s growin in the garden, and also I gotta wait for payday so I can order some parts before diving into more hardware-focused tasks at the night gig.

Then wednesday came, and wednesday’s update was going to be shit’s growin in the garden, and also I gotta wait for shipping for some parts before diving into more hardware-focused tasks at the night gig.

So, hello Thursday. Let’s see what I’ve got for you…

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Tupperware it is! Picked up gardening supplies when I was visiting the parents this past weekend. Got a decent bin, with plenty of depth to get at least a few small veggies and leafy greens. Using the Hydro parts for an auto-watering soil garden only just makes it self-watering… so keeping them separated seemed like a much more enjoyable approach. They Hydro’s just got Tomato plants in it (though a few sunflower seeds fell in, whoops). The bin meanwhile has:

  • Tomatoes
  • Lettuce
  • Carrots
  • Nasturtium
  • Onions
  • Chive
  • Sunflowers

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Orbit Twenty Eight

Back to civilization I come! This past weekend has honestly been the best I’ve had in recent memory, and while I’m a little bummed to have to go back to normal life again, I AM please that it was as wonderful as I could have hoped 🙂 I have so many rad, interesting, knowledgeable, entertaining, loveable, High Quality humans in my life, and it’s always a treasure to work and play alongside them all.
This last year has been rough, not gonna lie. Kicking off my 27th orbit around this bright pain orb called the sun with my neighbor trying to drunkenly gut me alive certainly didn’t help. And while I’ve had a few small victories here and there, shit was mostly on a downward trend since. It’s been an exhausting year. I’ve been pretty tired, and staring down more questions and challenges than I have answers for. I’ve felt the human engine within me stalling regardless of how hard I’ve been thrashing at the gas. I’ve watched the world around me and the world within me both catch fire and burn not with passion and exuberance but with terror and pain.
Orbit Twenty Eight has begun. Looking back on the year behind me reminds me of a whole lot of strife with little triumph, but it also reminds me that it’s over. Space and Time move on, and until I manage to become a literal deity, so shall I as well. I struggled a lot to return to who I used to be because I wasn’t feeling like myself lately, but I’m starting to realize that’s ok. Orbit 28 begins and I know I’m not who I was, but I’m ready now more than every to see who I’ll become. I’m reminded of the tools already in my hands. I’m reminded of the things I really want to accomplish in my life. I’m reminded of my ability. I’m reminded that I can do things that matter.
I’m reminded that I don’t actually even need to return to normal life. And I’m reminded more than ever that I don’t think I want to. I’m coming home, yes. But I’m never returning to the space and time I left behind at Logan airport 2:30 pm on a drizzly Wednesday in April. I’m free. For a girl some call Bird I’ve been uncomfortably pitted in the ground lately. But I’ve been reminded of the skies I’ve been aching to soar.
Time to dust some feathers off and become the next person I’ve been Aching to be.
With Drunken love from an airport bar,