These things are always awkward, so I’ll keep it short.

Aliases: Bird, BirdMachine, Fin, Finch
Day Job: Uni Web Developer
Night Job: Devving for Grindhouse Wetware
Hobbies include, but aren’t limited to: Birds, Circus Arts, Various forms of arting, cyberpunk goodness, cyborgs in general, making relatively random useless shit, PC & Console games, tweeting

I have numerous implants, none yet for medical use but they all serve some form of function
mb8hxaacxbge-jpg_large coolrock
Current Implant List:

  • 1 Northstar on the top of my left hand
  • 2 Magnetic Cylinders along the sides of my hands
  • 2 Magnets in my ears, one in each tragus
  • 2 Magnets in my fingers, one on my left Ring and one on my right Middle
  • 1 xNT NFC chip in my left hand
  • 1 RFID chip in my right hand
  • 1 Thermal Sensing chip in my right arm
  • 1 Firefly V1 in my Left Arm
  • 3 Magnets of various coatings down my Left Arm

Logo Info:
Crow outline derived from here
Wrench outline by Maciej Świerczek from the Noun Project here