And if I do my best and don’t stop to rest

Broken foot xray, where my middle toe bone is clearly snapped, detatched, and at a 90 degree angle
[right is side view, left is top view]
So far the most dangerous thing I’ve run into down here is myself 🙁 sure, your first huntsman is Always terrifying… but everything I’ve suffered from the most has come from my own, ah, accidents and mistakes 😅 Death blister’s gone, but then I went and dropped this 40lb scavenged glass tabletop onto my middle toe. Yeah, you can imagine how THAT went. I JUST got back onto my feet too, and here I am, back on couch-rest and unable to do much. I’m a serial pacer. Wandering around the house is essentially my form of fidgeting and now I’ve got this blasted metal rod jutting through my bones and out of my toe-front and It’s Been a Problem. Trying my best to stay off it but that’s so, so hard. Life’s still mostly all about settling and working. Got one more person coming from the States, and then the hunt for an actual Grinding House begins! Hope is we can hunt down a townhouse not far from the trains we need to get to the lab. And holy fuck it’s going to be the GREATEST!! I’m so excited, and not just because I’ll no longer be bedroomless! I’m gonna be living with people who dig a lot of the same stuff I do. I mean, all most of my prior houses have been comprised of friends with similar tastes and interests, don’t think that’s not it. But up in Boston it was getting lonely being the only aug-grinder I knew, and con crash just got worse and worse each time I landed home again. I’ll finally be among people who feel a passion for this kinda shit like I do, for more than 3-4 days every 4 months or so.

Far as that general amalgamation of ‘stuff’ goes, finally got some more supplies to start learning more about the biological side of things. I learn best by just trying and doing and getting my hands dirty, so it’s nice to know I’ve got a small baseline of tools to start getting a feel for.  Also got some direction for local suppliers regarding the more fleshy part of this kinda work, which means I can hopefully move along with at least some of my practice without waiting on semi-monthly supply packs. Seems my right Tragus magnet’s likely as much slag as my left index was, and the proximity to my brain has me a little nervous. Not too much, though. Body seems to have did a good job containing the fucked up node last time, and this one looks just the same so, here’s hoping it’s as rejected as the last, and that extraction won’t be a major hurdle. Picked up a bit of knowledge at the GF compound while i was stranded so, it’ll be fun to try putting some of that to use. Maybe even pretend to be confident this time!

It’s been a weird Holiday season for me, for sure. Spending it on the opposite side of the planet from all the faces I know well in Meatspace, since all the roomies flew home to their fams. Starting to come to terms with the fact that I might very well be an extrovert after all, because not having other humans here has been a little on the brutal side. Home’s going through an incredibly intense cold snap currently and up until now, as a creature of the Snow and Pines, I’ve been incredibly jealous. It’s been between 75 and 95 every day so far, and the sun certainly feels a lot stronger, even when accounting for the fact that I’m just slipping into summer all over again. Maybe once I see an Adult huntsman that jealousy ‘ll grow again, but I’m learning to actually enjoy that vicious Hate-Orb up there like I used to. Back before Central Air and my PS2 were more fun than cabin life.

central Air… oh my goodness am I going to miss Central Air. AirCon options here have been both limiting and incredibly baffling considering how much hotter it gets around these parts. No more dropping $50 on craigslist for a metal box I can just shove in my window without permission from 4 organizations and significant extra hardware Q__Q As far as great fantasy quests go, I suppose this means I’m on the Fire levels now. Awkward segue time since That’s hard sometimes, but on the note of elemental levels and quests, and because I greatly miss my feather sons back home, here’s Singring’s Name Song. Not as well known as his brother’s, but a favorite. There’s just something really neat with how they approach each element through instrumental solo. Each one’s worth getting through the intro scenes, I swear. Fire’s an especially interesting choice Imo. Enjoy

and as always,

With love,


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