And if I do my best and don’t stop to rest

Broken foot xray, where my middle toe bone is clearly snapped, detatched, and at a 90 degree angle
[right is side view, left is top view]
So far the most dangerous thing I’ve run into down here is myself 🙁 sure, your first huntsman is Always terrifying… but everything I’ve suffered from the most has come from my own, ah, accidents and mistakes 😅 Death blister’s gone, but then I went and dropped this 40lb scavenged glass tabletop onto my middle toe. Yeah, you can imagine how THAT went. I JUST got back onto my feet too, and here I am, back on couch-rest and unable to do much. I’m a serial pacer. Wandering around the house is essentially my form of fidgeting and now I’ve got this blasted metal rod jutting through my bones and out of my toe-front and It’s Been a Problem. Trying my best to stay off it but that’s so, so hard. Continue reading “And if I do my best and don’t stop to rest”