Compiling Slower than Frozen Molasses

That’s really the beat way to describe the last few months, and why it’s been taking so damn long to just get off my feet. There’s a lot on the human side of my plate right now. Going from having 5 roommates to living with one other person has its benefits, but there’s a tangible sense of loneliness I’m still trying to hard to work through. Continue reading “Compiling Slower than Frozen Molasses”

1 and 1 and 5 and Q And…

Asking 1&1 support if the clear midday sky appears to be blue:

If I’m in a desert, they will tell me that I should walk down to the river (That doesn’t exist) and pick up the Jackalope or Wolpertinger (also not real things, and not related to where I’m sent) and bring them on down to the SpecificallyNamed market (Thats actually off in Cincinnati) if I decide I want the letter Q (when it’s a yes or no question). If I would rather #, I need to just do nothing for a week.

Continue reading “1 and 1 and 5 and Q And…”