And if I do my best and don’t stop to rest

Broken foot xray, where my middle toe bone is clearly snapped, detatched, and at a 90 degree angle
[right is side view, left is top view]
So far the most dangerous thing I’ve run into down here is myself 🙁 sure, your first huntsman is Always terrifying… but everything I’ve suffered from the most has come from my own, ah, accidents and mistakes 😅 Death blister’s gone, but then I went and dropped this 40lb scavenged glass tabletop onto my middle toe. Yeah, you can imagine how THAT went. I JUST got back onto my feet too, and here I am, back on couch-rest and unable to do much. I’m a serial pacer. Wandering around the house is essentially my form of fidgeting and now I’ve got this blasted metal rod jutting through my bones and out of my toe-front and It’s Been a Problem. Trying my best to stay off it but that’s so, so hard. Continue reading “And if I do my best and don’t stop to rest”

Moon’s out, Boons out

Still not entirely sure how I feel about the bonus insomnia…. I will say, it’s fantastic to have my nights again! More time to work on projects, and more time to decompress with a little Starbound or DF 🙂 I’ll have a lot more project-time soon, however. If this all is actually happening. To be honest, it feels like it’s not.

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I WAS IN A FAMOUS TEEEVEEEESHOOOOOW. Sorry. The Bojack end theme jammed itself into my skull like the KoolAid man on a bender, and I figured I shouldn’t have to deal with it alone. That and I was at a loss of a title for this week. So, sorry and/or you’re welcome.
Anyway, the lab continues to live. Mostly. I’ve been noticing a pattern where it falls into disrepair / storage mode every so often. Turns out Working all day and Cleaning the house all night just to keep the shared space maintained is exhausting, and I tend to let my personal space crumble in exchange to maintaining shared zones. I should probably fix this. Soon. Continue reading “BACK IN THE 90S”

Slip Sliding Away

I really should make “Now Updates on the 8th Day of the Week” the new brand ‘motto’ here. Post Date keeps sliding. BUT! Not actually stopping. This might actually be the first thing I’ve kept an actually decent upkeep of for a while, now that I think about it.


To be fair, I was originally going to post on Tuesday. But all I really had for an update was that shit’s growin in the garden, and also I gotta wait for payday so I can order some parts before diving into more hardware-focused tasks at the night gig.

Then wednesday came, and wednesday’s update was going to be shit’s growin in the garden, and also I gotta wait for shipping for some parts before diving into more hardware-focused tasks at the night gig.

So, hello Thursday. Let’s see what I’ve got for you…

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Tupperware it is! Picked up gardening supplies when I was visiting the parents this past weekend. Got a decent bin, with plenty of depth to get at least a few small veggies and leafy greens. Using the Hydro parts for an auto-watering soil garden only just makes it self-watering… so keeping them separated seemed like a much more enjoyable approach. They Hydro’s just got Tomato plants in it (though a few sunflower seeds fell in, whoops). The bin meanwhile has:

  • Tomatoes
  • Lettuce
  • Carrots
  • Nasturtium
  • Onions
  • Chive
  • Sunflowers

Not a bad start. Continue reading “Growing”